Museum of Contemporary Digital Art

Museum of Contemporary Digital Art
  • Founded: 2019
The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art provides digital art education and technology to artists, collectors, institutions and art lovers.

MoCDA provides a foundation for understanding digital art in its own context, rather than as a mere by-product of the larger art world. The MoCDA platform offers a space for everyone to connect, discover and learn more about digital art. Their focus is on education and the endorsement of contemporary digital art in a way which is inclusive and future-oriented, encouraging engagement from a diverse audience with an artist-first approach.

The MoCDA team boasts over two years of combined experience working between art and technology. Their expert team of curators have worked directly with the Tate, the Observer, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, CADAF (Contemporary Digital Art Fair), the Blockchain Game Alliance and NFT London Meetup and they are proud to present the talents of the brightest minds in this emerging sector.

Although the digital art space has seen the development of provenance registries, galleries, and marketplaces, they are yet to see a museum dedicated to educating and curating digital art for a broad audience. This remains a persistent hurdle within both the art sector and the technology sector, as concerns over lack of access, diversity and censorship grow. At MoCDA, they aim to satisfy this need by setting industry standards to make the process of creating, buying, collecting, exhibiting and viewing digital art smoother, safer and more inclusive.

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