Onstream Gallery


Onstream Gallery
  • Founded: 2021
  • Location: Italy
  • Status: ongoing
  • Company: Onstream Gallery
Onstream Gallery is an innovative hybrid art gallery model that aims to create the next generation of art collectors.

At Onstream Gallery, art is not just for the elite few, but a passion that should be accessible to all. The gallery was founded with the goal of cultivating a new generation of art collectors and enthusiasts. Onstream Gallery provides an inclusive and welcoming experience for anyone interested in contemporary art and discovering emerging artists.

The website is a virtual gallery that serves as the main platform to showcase the artists and invite visitors to explore the collections. Onstream Club is a community that brings art lovers together, offering exclusive events such as artists’ studio visits and cultural space visits. By Chiara Gesualdo and Alessandro Corsetti.

This item was submitted on 3rd April, 2023.

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