Display NFTs 🖼️

Display NFTs 🖼️
by Fanny Lakoubay

Remember to be creative and talk with the artist about print options alongside 3D printing, Augmented Reality, and other creative options. You don’t want your house to look like a TV store.

NFT-Connected Screens:

Atomic Form

  • Atomic Form proposes the Atomic Form Waves. The company is based in New York and has been partnering with Christie’s auction house and many other art exhibits. Budget: $1,500


  • DANVAS launched their square screen at The Armory Show in New York in September 2022 with a generative art exhibit. It’s probably impressive, but expensive. Budget: $30,000

Infinite Objects

  • Infinite Objects offers small and versatile solutions to display your NFTs. You can directly print your NFTs via their website. If the artwork is copyrighted by an artist, they will have to be registered on their website. It’s worth it, the displays are amazing and can be added to any room. Budget: $100-$500

Lago Frame

Lago Frame provides a great software to curate collection and a 33” display ****square frame along with censors and sound bar for your NFTs. Seen in many art exhibits around the world. Budget: $4,500-$10,000

Luma Canvas

Museum-grade LED display for digital art and NFTs. The display is designed to run 24/7 so it is a living canvas. Luma is the official partner of Vellum LA Gallery. Best for gallery and commercial display! Budget: email info@standardvision.com.


Meural was acquired by Netgear a while ago and developed an integration with metamask to display your NFT collection. Budget: $350-$800


A more traditional approach with a white mat around the screen, making your digital work look like a canvas. Budget: $300 to $1,000


Pre-order… WHIM is the SuperchiefNFT partner and comes in a variety of shapes, from square to rectangular with options to bundle up for a sleek multi-screen display. Budget: $500-$2,200

Connected TVs:

The Frame (2022) by Samsung

With Art Mode, you can display art you’ve subscribed to or purchased from the Samsung Art Store. The site mentions that you can also upload and display your own NFTs via phone or USB connection, though, NOT via connecting your wallet. Budget: $600-$3500

LG Smart TVs

LG is bringing NFTs to its smart TVs via their own NFT platform developed on Hedara. Don’t expect to see your collection though. The website https://www.lgartlab.com/ for the LG NFT collection is down though…


EPSON Portable One

The portable short-throw Epson projector that is an economical solution and can be brought on a trip or to a beach house. Budget: $800

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Ultra short throw projectors are great because they can be put right by the wall without risk of someone walking between the projector and the wall, but don’t come (yet) in portable forms and are therefore quite large and heavy. Watch out for the Lumen amount. Budget: $2,000 and up

Apps / Streaming:


Zeroframe allows you to display your NFT collection or set up a curated selection on any screen (a TV, tablet or projector). Budget: FREE


Niio enables streaming and collecting digital and video art with a few services, from streaming Niio’s curated selection of digital art to a collection management for artists and curators to share their works. Budget: from $7 to $70/month

Nifty Gateway on the App Store.

Async Art on Chrome Extensions.

Other Options:
  • The Photon - Atomic Form. Atomic Form just released its Photon (September 30) that lets you stream your NFT collection to any screen. Budget: $350
  • A sleek neon - YellowPop. With YellowPop, you can order a neon of your favorite NFT. Reach out to them for more details before they release the full process online (and be the first to brag).
  • A designer coffee table - Dalbin. Dalbin partnered with NFT artists to propose a new horizontal way to look at your NFT collection via a sleek coffee table design that will definitely become the central masterpiece of your living room. Don’t worry for wine stain, it’s waterproof.
  • An art canvas - rNFT. With rNFT, you can now order a canvas reproduction of your NFTs.

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