Historic NFT Fest 2022

Historic NFT Fest 2022
by Staff

Discover and celebrate the history of NFTs with the innovators that made them happen at a historic landmark in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter.

Hosted by DADA, the First Historic NFT Fest brings together the creators, innovators and thinkers who started it all. This three day event will take a deep dive into the earliest NFT projects on blockchain up to 2019, and will be a joyous gathering of the early NFT community.

Meet the pioneers and join in conversations about the value, historical significance and contributions of early NFTs. The festival will offer a range of talks about the origins of NFTs, in-depth conversations with pioneering creators, a retrospective exhibition, workshops, and a very special party.

2022 Speakers:

Judith Seipold - NFT OG. Founder of BAD Co-founder of BAD 2.0.

David Moore - Co-founder of KnownOrigin, Collector of crypto art since 2017

Eleonora Brizi - Crypto art curator since 2018, Founder of Breezy Art

Colborn Bell - Founder and Director at M○C△

Theo Goodman - Auctioneer Former Rare Pepe Scientist

Primavera De Filippi - Blockchain scholar and artist Plantoid 2016

Shaban Shaame - Founder of EverdreamSoft Spell of Genesis

Joe Looney - Rare Pepe Scientist Creator of Rare Pepe Wallet

Bea Ramos - Creator of DADA 2017 Creeps & Weirdos

Kevin Abosch - Conceptual artist and Cryptoart pioneer

Nili Lerner - Conceptual and Media artist, The creator of Counterparty asset collection NILIcoins.

Robness - Cryptoartist since 2016. Creator of the #TRASHART Meme Movement.

Martin Lucas Ostachowski - Crypto artist and historian.

StellaBelle - Cryptoartist Metaverse architect. Founder of Slothicorn in 2017.

Andy Alekhin - Co-founder at Snark.art.

Isaac Patka - Blockchain dev, co-creator of Logos DAO, research fellow at Metagov. Creeps 2017 rescuer.

Blackstar - Founder of NFT Relics.

Marko Zubak - Mlibty, Crypto Artist since 2018.

Kelly Levalley Hunt - Founder of Mint Gold Dust First investor of SuperRare.

Rare Scrilla - Artist & Music Producer Manager of DJPEPE & FAKEDJPEPE.

Lenara Verle - Artist & Researcher Invisible economist, gardener, Metaverse tour guide, workshop instructor.

Travis LeRoy Southworth - Conceptual Artist 4th artist on SuperRare.

Nina Roehrs - Founder of Roehrs & Boetsch Curator focusing on art in the digital age since 2016.

Robert Norton - CEO and co-founder of Verisart. Formerly CEO & co-founder of Saatchi Art and Sedition Art.

Isa Kost - Artist Dedicated to research projects in contemporary art. She is a lover and experimenter of data visualization. DADA artist since 2018.

Georg Bak - Art advisor and curator. Specializes in digital art, NFTs, and generative photography.

Elena Zavelev - Co-founder and CEO at CADAF.

Eric P. Rhodes - Conceptual Artist & Crypto Art Historian.

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