Mr Richi

Mr Richi
by Staff
Mr. Richi is a well-known figure in Crypto Art. Unlike your average punk, he has a distinct graffiti style that is easily recognizable by only the most discerning Web3 enthusiasts. The B.A.D. team is fortunate to have met Mr. Richi through his auctions, exhibitions, and events, including the VerticalCrypto Art Residency Auction a few years ago. We wanted to catch up with him and find out how he's been doing.

What is the name by which blockchainart and cryptocollectibles community knows you?

Mr Richi.

What is your professional background and career?

Self-taught digital artist with background in graffiti and street art.

Please give a short statement about yourself, your work, your art, your aesthetics, your vision, and everything else you want people to know about you as a person active in the blockchainart and cryptocollectibles space.

Digital artist spraying street art across the metaverse and creating an artistic expression that is essentially a mix of pop culture and crypto culture. Blending reality and modern lifestyle with characters from popular culture, renaissance art and raw graphic elements. Attempting to challenge common beliefs and break stereotypes through art, immortalizing the current moments and sentiments on the blockchain.

Which is your medium?

Digital art, 2d mostly.

How would you describe your art?

I would say that my art escapes a simple definition, it is a fusion of styles and influences driven by the urge to transport the cultural revolution we are witnessing and living into works of art.

What lead you to the blockchain?

Anon who wrote me that I should mint my art. That was enough for me to start the exciting journey down the rabbit hole.

What is your contribution to the blockchainart, cryptocollectibles and NFT field? (artworks, services, dapps, projects, podcasts, etc.)


Which tools do you use to create your blockchainart?

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects.

By using which tools do you tokenize your artworks?

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects.

Since when are you active in the crypto space?


In the time B.A.D. has been up and running, there have been few individuals as cool and captivating as Mr. Richi in Crypto Art. Despite the chaotic and apocalyptic events that occur daily in Web3, he remains a constant presence, producing new and exciting artwork for us to admire. We value his contributions and express huge gratitude for his time and efforts! ☻

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