NFT Tools 🛠

NFT Tools 🛠
by Fanny Lakoubay

A selection of tools and resources you might find useful as an artist, collector or gallery. Compiled by Fanny Lakoubay.

Artist Tools:
  1. NiftyKit: No-Code solution for NFT smart contracts (
  2. Manifold: Manifold enables Web3 creators to have true ownership, preserve on-chain provenance, and interoperate with all major NFT marketplaces (
  3. Tableland: Build Web3 with SQL (


Collector Tools:
  1. Discover, track, and analyze NFTs with real-time data, historical charts and trends, NFT portfolio values, and more. (
  2. Genie: Batch buy NFTs in a single transaction (
  3. Gem: Discover and collect NFTs across all marketplaces (
  4. Masterpiece: The largest database for NFT artists, sales information, charts, valuations, rarities and many other topics: (


Gallery Tools:
  1. Monegraph: Monegraph enables brands and creators to launch and operate their own signature crypto marketplaces, supported by custom contracts.


PFP Minting Tools:
  1. Discover and mint trending NFT projects in one simple interface.
  2. Midwit by Mirror: An experiment for combining narrative with smart contracts.
  3. Eth95.exe (Ethereum): A Windows 95 themed tool for interacting with Ethereum smart contracts.
  4. Studio 721 Mint: Free tools for creating and working with NFT smart contracts.
  5. Formie: Turn any smart contract into a form.


  1. Nansen: The Nansen analytics platform analyzes millions of data points on Ethereum wallets, transactions and smart contracts.
  2. The world's largest NFT resource.
  3. Dune: Free crypto analytics by and for the community.
  4. Compass: Simple and powerful real-time NFT analytics.

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