Rose Jackson

Rose Jackson
by Staff
I first met Rose while mentoring on VerticalCrypto Art's Residency programme in late 2021. One its first ever residents, Rose Jackson is a textile and digital artist creating work on the blockchain, combining traditional wet felt methods, video recordings and GAN. She is a unique creator of our digital art community, exhibiting in New York City, London, Berlin, Zurich and multiple cities in China.

What is the name by which blockchainart and cryptocollectibles community knows you?

Rose Jackson (in the process of shifting to using my full surname of Forsyth-Jackson).

What is your professional background and career?

Multidisciplinary artist, background in fibre art.

Please give a short statement about yourself, your work, your art, your aesthetics, your vision, and everything else you want people to know about you as a person active in the blockchainart and cryptocollectibles space.

In the blockchainart space I combine traditional methods of wool felting with digital alteration, bridging ancient techniques with the new. My art speaks about the unknown, the simple beauty of our world, colour therapy, and my personal journey and connection to my ancestors.

Which is your medium?

Textiles, GAN, digital - also painting and ceramics outside of the digital realm.

How would you describe your art?

I would describe my style as abstract, fun and transporting. With my work I aim to create a beautiful moment for the viewer, that takes them from their every day life to somewhere magical and calm.

Since when are you active in the crypto space?

Feb 2021.

What lead you to the blockchain?

My partner has been into crypto since 2019 and then, once finding out more about it, it was actually my mum who encouraged me to explore the NFT's and minting my digital art.

Which artworks, artists and styles do you admire the most, and which shaped you the most?

The Australian art in our home when I was growing up is what shaped me the most - Jenny Kee, Margaret Preston, Ken Done and the work of multiple aboriginal artists graced our walls.

What is your contribution to the blockchainart, cryptocollectibles and NFT field? (artworks, services, dapps, projects, podcasts, etc.)

Art and friendship 😄

URL to one of your recent artworks

URL to one of your artworks you love most

Whom would you recommend to be added to B.A.D's people portraits?

Linda Dounia.

Which tools do you use to create your blockchainart?

Wool, my hands, computer and both phone & camera for photography.

By using which tools do you tokenize your artworks?

SuperRare, Foundation & objktcom mainly. I have experiemented with multiple platforms on various blockchains.

B.A.D. is grateful to Rose for both her time and meaningful contributions to Crypto Art. A wonderful human being, she has helped pivot the unique direction of NFTs when met with tangible, handmade materials and practices. Thank you, Rose! ☻

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