Sasha Stiles

Sasha Stiles
by Harry Martin
We've known Sasha for quite some time now, since her debut in Crypto Art back in January 2021. Sasha is building what is known today as poetry on the blockchain (or 'crypto poetry' for short). Combining conceptual art, semiotics, visual poetry, speculative design, translation and computer science with theVERSEverse and her own projects such as Technelegy, she is one of the most unique creators in the community today.

What is the name by which blockchainart and cryptocollectibles community knows you?

Sasha Stiles.

What is your professional background and career?

Writer, brand consultant and innovation strategist.

Please give a short statement about yourself, your work, your art, your aesthetics, your vision, and everything else you want people to know about you as a person active in the blockchainart and cryptocollectibles space.

SASHA STILES is a first-generation Kalmyk-American poet, literary artist, AI researcher, and co-founder of theVERSEverse.

A pioneer of generative literature and blockchain poetics, she has spoken and exhibited at venues around the world and in the metaverse, and is the recipient of a Future Art Award as well as a nominee for the Forward Prize, Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.

Stiles' first book, Technelegy, has been hailed as an “instant techno-classic” by visionaries including Ray Kurzweil; her hybrid work is available in bookstores and as NFTs on SuperRare, Quantum, Objkt, fxhash, Foundation, Versum and elsewhere, and has recently sold at Christie’s. A graduate of Harvard and Oxford, Stiles lives just outside New York City with her husband and studio partner.

Which is your medium?

Language arts.

How would you describe your art?

Hybrid work at the intersection of text and technology.

Which artworks, artists and styles do you admire the most, and which shaped you the most?

Text-based art and science/research-based projects; Cy Twombly, Agnes Denes, Jenny Holzer, Bruce Nauman, Octavia Butler, T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg, Barbara Kruger, Neri Oxman, Stephanie Dinkins.

What lead you to the blockchain?

I’ve been creating digital poems and experimenting with AI text for many years. After frustrations trying to publish this work in traditional literary circles, I found a very welcoming home for my interests and creative adventures in web3.

What is your contribution to the blockchainart, cryptocollectibles and NFT field? (artworks, services, dapps, projects, podcasts, etc.)

Technelegy project; Cursive Binary and other literary arts series; co-founding theVERSEverse.

URL to one of your recent artworks (if any)

Which tools do you use to create your blockchainart?

GPT-2 and GPT-3; many digital apps and softwear programs; handmade and nature-based materials.

By using which tools do you tokenize your artworks?

SuperRare, Manifold, Christie’s 3.0, Quantum Art, fxhash,, Foundation.

Since when are you active in the crypto space?

The end of 2020; first mint in early 2021.

The B.A.D Team is grateful to Sasha for her time, providing insights and influences which constitute her poetic practice on the blockchain. This interview will certainly be useful for future poets wishing to follow in her stead. Thanks again Sasha! ☻

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