Sonia Li

Sonia Li
by Judith Seipold

What is the name by which blockchainart and cryptocollectibles community knows you?

Sonia Li

What is your professional background and career?


Please give a short statement about who you are, your work, aesthetic, vision and anything else relating to your engagements in the blockchainart and cryptocollectibles space.

B. 1983, Taipei, Taiwan. Live/work in Brooklyn, NY.

Li is an interdisciplinary artist working with art, dance and technology. Her work is intuitive and sensual to explore the subconscious dimensions of reality. She combines audiovisual, sensorial stimulations and movement hinging on her personal transformations.

In 2019, Li won AFIAS Moving Image Award/Spain. In 2018, she received grant from Taiwan Ministry of Culture and finalist in ICIA International New Media Competition/Poland. Her video works showed internationally such as Centro Cultural FIESP/FILE Festival Brazil, Lightbox NYC/CADAF and Naves Matadero/Spain Moving Images Festival. Her works have been featured on PBS/WHRO Virginia.

Solo exhibitions include Whale interactive installation at La Sala Performance/NYC. Multi-sensory Installation design for dementia was semi-finalist in NYU Stern's Entrepreneur Challenge. Her works are in the collection of

BFA Visual Art, SUNY Purchase

MPS Art & Technology, ITP/NYU.

Which is your medium?

I work with video, sound, installation and performance.

How would you describe your art?

Hinging on stages of my personal transformations, my work culminates emotional and visceral experiences that are intuitive and sensual to explore the subconscious dimensions of reality. Often strongly themed in nature, I work with dance, interactive technology, video, sound and sensory stimulants to make installation, performance and social space depicting an utopian universe.

Which artworks, artists and styles do you admire the most, and which shaped you the most?

My video works have been compared to Pipilotti Rist. I come from a traditional fine arts background, and German Expressionism is one of my favourite artistic movements.

One of your recent artworks

What led you to the blockchain?

CADAF introduced me to the blockchain community.

What is your contribution to the blockchainart, cryptocollectibles and NFT field?


By using which tools do you tokenize your artworks?

I work with and OpenSea.

On which platforms and dApps are your contents available?

If you want to see impactful art which is acknowledged by international curators, juries and funds, you need to see what Sonia Li is creating. She describes her art as "intuitive and sensual", and maybe this is what makes her work so colorful. But not only this: Combinations of elements from nature, body and images of food shape her art and make it appear rich and harmonious, and absurd at the same time. Altogether a great experience.

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