There is no such thing as blockchain art

There is no such thing as blockchain art
by Fanny Lakoubay

Report written by Maria Paula Fernandez, Stina Gustafsson & Fanny Lakoubay. While there have been several reports and ongoing discussions on the topic, they primarily explore potential art market developments, and less of the creative possibilities and developments that Blockchain can offer and inspire. By taking an art theoretical approach, looking at works such as Walter Benjamin’s Works of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Marshall Mc Luhan’s The Medium is the Message and Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain written by Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones, and Sam Skinner, this report seeks to question the ongoing advances and projects, explore where this intersection might have genuine benefits for both, and where it might not.

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Introduction - Discussion, Actions and Approach

There's no Such Thing as Blockchain Art: Case Studies / Rough Consensus & Intro

Digital art marketplaces are not Blockchain art

The Meme Wars

Is Malware Conceptual Art?

Art Informed by Blockchain is not Blockchain Art

Oh, But There's Blockchain Art Out There: Blockchain Use Cases for Physical Art
- Case Study: Jonas Lund and the JLTs
- Case Study: Felix González Torres but on the Blockchain

Blockchain Against Forgery

Blockchain as Proof of Provenance

Blockchain Use Cases for Digital Art

Walter Benjamin in the Times of NFTs

History of NFT Standards

Applications for NFTs
- Gaming
- Collectibles & Digital Art
- Licensing
- Self-Enforced Royalties & Copyrights

Blockchain for Coordination

How Open Source Does Collaboration Right, and How the Art World Can Benefit

Collaborative Artworks Facilitated by DAOs and Other Coordination Methods
The Democratization of Art

The Gold Rush Is Not Over Yet: the Case for Trust-Minimisation in Art Markets and Funding



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