Wanderer Above a Sea of FUD

Wanderer Above a Sea of FUD
by Staff

"Wanderer Above a Sea of FUD: Cultural workforce, crypto anarchism, intellectual rights, and blockchain-based funding models for culture and arts" has been written by María Paula Fernández, Stina Gustafsson and Beth McCarthy. It was prepared throughout 2020, as a follow on of the 2019 report – There is No Such Thing as Blockchain Art , which covered the state of the intersection of blockchain and art.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Executive Summary 2

Approach 3

Creative Work and the Cultural Workforce in a Time of Uncertainty 5
The Precariousness of the Cultural Workforce 5
Creative Work and Digital Development 6
Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Collaborations for Longevity 7
Organizational Architecture for Collaborations 10
On the Benefits of Blockchain 11

Property Rules Everything Around Me 14
Cryptoanarchism and Intellectual Property 14
Friendly Takeovers 15
The Future of Takeovers 16
Blockchain: The Paradox in User Growth 17
Cross-collaboration and Pollination to Protect Oppressed Creatives Against the Elites
Monopolizing Markets Through the Protection of Intellectual Property 18
Notes and Considerations on cryptotwitter and the Creator Economy 20
Case Study: Kusama Network 26
Attribution Networks 28
Reframing Labor and Property through the Lens of Attribution Networks 28
Compensating the Commons 31

Conclusion 37

Glossary 39

Bibliography 42

About the Authors 46

Acknowledgements 47

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