Drone Graffiti


Drone Graffiti
  • Founded: 2019
  • Blockchain used: Æternity blockchain
  • Coin used: Æternity (AE)
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Status:
  • Company: Æternity blockchain
"Drone Graffiti is a new creative medium, enables the global community to graffiti by drone, built on the decentralised, uncensored, transparent blockchain where the work will remain indefinitely, uncensored and open to all."

Æternity is by Yanislav Malahov, Jennifer Choi, Stefania Noemi Artusi, Philipp Piwowarsky, Keeno Dressel, The WYE: Leah Stuhltrager, Stephanie Igunbor and Ryan Wolfe.

SPH Engineering: Alexey Chernenko, Alexey Yankelevich.

Voliro AG / ETH Zurich: Timo Müller, Anurag Vempati, Maurin Widmer.

ARTO: Ricardo & Victor Celaya, Gonzalo Alvarez Godoy, Ana Dumois.

Platoon Mexico: Marcello Dato, Masumi Rioja, Santiago Arau.

Artists Mexico City: Mr.Kone, Tome Edwards, Smithe One.

By DroneGraffiti.

This item was submitted on 13th May, 2019.

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